Waiting Children

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A Note about Adoption Agencies


As a matter of policy, The Shepherd's Crook does not specifically endorse adoption agencies, attorneys, or facilitators, and the fact that we are helping to spread the word about a particular child does not constitute an endorsement of those handling his case. Prospective adoptive families are advised to investigate the professionals handling any adoption to determine for themselves whether or not they feel comfortable working with those professionals.


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The "Invisible" Orphan


You will notice that many of the children on our site don't have pictures with their listings—and some of them don't even have names listed. This is not because of our choice. Some countries will not allow us to put photos or names on the Internet, and we have to comply with these restrictions. But please be aware that each of these listings represents a real child in desperate need of a family. Children who are listed without pictures are often automatically overlooked because there is no "face" associated with the write-up. We all love to have a face to connect with when we are considering adoption, but please remember that these are all very real children with very real stories, and that they will rarely even be considered for adoption simply because there is no picture on the site. We do have pictures of most of them that we can send to families desiring more information. Please consider writing for more information about one of these regularly overlooked "invisible" children. Please don't allow a sending country's restrictive policies to eliminate hope from these children's lives as they wait for families.
In other cases, pictures and information are available for children if you create an account and log into our site. Just click the Login/Sign up button above to get started.


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