Adoptions in Process

    • No photo available


      Being adopted by Mark and Connie Shaw

      From: Undisclosed

      Born: 2004

    • Nicholas and Aubree before pictures

      Nicholas and Aubree

      Being adopted by Dwight and Shannon Newby

      From: Undisclosed

      Born: January 1, 2016

    • Andy before picture


      Being adopted by James and Amy Vallaster

      From: China

      Born: May 16, 2011

    • Ethan Levi before picture

      Ethan Levi

      Being adopted by Nathan and Summer Turley-Knight

      From: China

      Born: June 1, 2010

    • Aurelia before picture


      Being adopted by Ryan and Jessica Noble

      From: China


    • Simon before picture


      Being adopted by Steve and Becky Kull

      From: China

      Born: February 11, 2010

    • Willow before picture


      Being adopted by Jason and Joslynn McLaughlin

      From: China

      Born: July 29, 2004

    • No photo available

      Ava Hope

      Being adopted by Kim and Reggie Sanford

      From: China

      Born: 2013-7-22