Other Ways to Support TSC

The Shepherd's Crook Ministries, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit ministry funded solely through donations and fund-raising activities. Donations sent to help our ministry may be tax-deductible (depending on your tax situation). We feel a great burden of responsibility before God and those who donate to be prudent in the ways we use our funds. We have a Board of godly men and women who guide and direct the activities of this ministry.

Things to Support

General Fund

The general fund covers the costs of running the ministry. It is from this account that the director and administrative assistant are paid. Also, office supplies and phone bills that make communication possible, travel to speak on behalf of special-needs orphans, and any other miscellaneous expenses are covered by this account. All undesignated donations are put in the general fund.

Children’s Accounts

Any of the children on our site, either waiting or in-process, is eligible for tax-deductible donations. In the case of a child whose adoption is started, these funds are made available to the family as needed to cover the costs associated with that child's adoption. In the case of a child who is still waiting, the funds are held on account until a family contacts The Shepherd's Crook and begins the process of adopting that child. These donations may be in the form of either a one-time contribution or ongoing support.

Bind Up the Broken

Our Bind Up the Broken program aims to care for orphans where they are.

How to Donate Directly

There are two ways you can donate directly to TSC:

  1. On-line via credit card or bank transfer (one-time or recurring)
  2. Mail a check (made payable to The Shepherd's Crook)
    • Mail to:The Shepherd's Crook Orphan Ministry

      P.O. Box 773

      West Chester, OH 45071

Support TSC While You Shop


Do you search the Internet frequently? Did you know that you can raise money for TSC simply by searching via GoodSearch? Once you set up your GoodSearch account, you can make GoodSearch your default search engine whether you’re using Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, or Safari (Mac only). Every search results in $0.01 for TSC. That might not sound like much, but you'd be surprised just how many times you search the internet for something.



Now when you shop at thousands of online stores like Amazon or Target, Goodshop will donate up to 20% of your purchase right back to The Shepherd's Crook, at no cost to you! Goodshop also offers tons of deals and coupons, so feel great about trying out a new activity on Groupon, buying new gear from Sports Authority or getting craft supplies from Michaels. You'll be saving money and helping out our cause, at the same time! We appreciate your support!


Amazon Smile

0.5% of your purchase total—on eligible items only—will be donated to TSC.


Kroger Community Rewards

For anyone who shops frequently at Kroger, you can raise money for TSC by registering your Kroger Plus Card on-line through their Community Rewards Program. It’s very easy to do this, and the only catch is that you have to re-register your card every year. But don’t worry, we will remind you each year when it is time to renew your participation in the program.


Just Love Coffee

If you love coffee, then we encourage you to take a look at Just Love Coffee. We have a storefront with them, and anything bought through that storefront (be sure to click the Shop & Support button in the lower left portion of the screen) will benefit TSC, as they’ll donate a portion of the proceeds to us. And, we can say from personal experience that some of their coffee choices are quite good.



If you are someone who likes to use natural cleaning products around your house, then we have a couple of options for you. The first one is Melaleuca. Melaleuca is one of the largest wellness producers in the world, and we have been working with them for several years now in a program that donates to non-profits 7% of their supporters’ purchases. If you would like to find out more about this program please feel free to contact us.



Another option for natural cleaning products is Shaklee. Again, we have been working with them for several years, and we are grateful to everyone who has participated. Please contact us for more information about this program.



CommonKindness offers printable grocery coupons you can redeem at various stores throughout the country. You can go to our page on their website and become a supporter of TSC through them. You might have to sign up for a free account with them if you’re not already a member.


Matching Donations

Finally, many employers will match any contributions made by their employees to charitable organizations. Some will even let their employees donate a portion of their paycheck automatically to a charitable organization. Be sure to check with your employer to see if they offer such a program. we know that companies like GE, Microsoft, Yahoo!, and Bank of America offer this program, because we already have profiles established with them, and we would be happy to register with any other employer who would be willing to do this.