New Day Foster Home

New Day Foster Home children
The people at New Day Foster Home help care for special-needs orphans in southern China. They are no longer able to provide children the long-term foster care they used to, but they remain committed to the children there and are doing all they can to help those who need medical help. Through their efforts many children have received life-changing—and even life-saving—surgeries, and they are also working with their partner orphanages to help children receive other needed medical intervention.


We aren’t able to ship supplies to them due to the high cost on their end to receive the goods, but we can help them monetarily. You can either donate to them directly or donate funds to our Orphan Supplies fund, a portion of which will benefit New Day South.


Above all, we ask that you pray for the work these people are doing to care for orphans in China. Without efforts from folks like those at New Day South, these children wouldn’t receive anything like the medical care they need.