New Day Foster Home

New Day Foster Home children

The people at New Day Foster Home care for special-needs orphans in several different parts of China. In addition to meeting their basic daily needs, they provide therapy and needed surgeries to as many children as they can. The need is tremendous, and they can use help in the form of prayers, financial donations, and supplies for the children. You can donate to them directly, or you can send funds to us for them.


Here is a list of the items that would help them in caring for these children:

Items Needed

Items Needed Notes
Children’s multivitamin drops Enfamil’s Poly-Vi-Sol drops have been effective
Duphalac (lactulose) Prescription medication
Pulmicort Nebulizers (Budesonide) Prescription medication
PDI Super Sani-Cloth Germicidal Disposable Wipes See link
Kimberly Clark MIC-KEY Low Profile Gastrostomy Tube Kit See link
Lysol disinfectant wipes
Nature’sOne PediaSmart baby formula For details on how to purchase, contact Hannah Samuels with New Day Foster Home
Construction paper Preschool supplies
Seasonal paper goods Preschool supplies
Holiday window clings Preschool supplies
DVDs/programs about finger playing Preschool supplies
Handbooks for reading Specifically, those made by Abeka
Baby bottles 280ml, plastic
Touch-and-feel toys
Straw cup Therapy toys
Hip Helpers Therapy toys (best to get the set with multiple sizes)